Main strategy of «Escort» successful growth

«Escort» is an international manufacturer of measuring equipment for GPS/Glonass satellite systems of transport monitoring: fuel level sensors, control detectors for mechanisms and materials for road, construction, public utility and agricultural machines.

We provide reliable equipment with broad functional capabilities for effective management of the automobile fleet.

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Wireless fuel monitoring in stationary tanks and storage units with Escort TD-BLE sensor

When installing FLS Escort TD-BLE, you do not need to worry about the cables. Thanks to the energy saving Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh, the sensor can run on one battery for 3 years before it needs to be replaced.

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The Sokol-M meteorological station helps power engineers to monitor the situation on power lines

Our clients' subsidiaries were interested in additional reliable equipment to obtain accurate and timely information about weather conditions in the service areas of the power grid

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Sokol-M meteo station improves farmers’ precision agriculture performance

Let’s delve into what issues modern agricultural companies face and how Sokol-M helps overcome them

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Five fuel monitoring and management solutions for a vehicle fleet: pros and cons

What's the optimal method of fuel consumption monitoring for most companies? Escort team reviewed five most common solutions — from basic mileage tracking to complex fuel management systems.

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Operations and fuel monitoring on diesel trains at Iraqi Republic Railways

How to monitor fuel consumption and operations on railway transport. Iraqi Railways go for Escort wireless fuel level sensors.

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Fuel monitoring helps optimize fleet’s operating costs

To reduce their fleet’s costs, the company’s management decided to keep track of the actual fuel consumption and deploy a comprehensive monitoring system.

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