Main strategy of «Escort» successful growth

«Escort» is an international manufacturer of measuring equipment for GPS/Glonass satellite systems of transport monitoring: fuel level sensors, control detectors for mechanisms and materials for road, construction, public utility and agricultural machines.

We provide reliable equipment with broad functional capabilities for effective management of the automobile fleet.

Useful information

Fuel consumption monitoring of heavy-duty mining machinery

Integrator was tasked with supplying the company, which is engaged in mining rare rocks, with a fuel consumption monitoring system

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Use of DGV-200 sensors to improve farming efficiency

One of the tasks that requires special attention is the control of seeds sowing and quality of tillage. At this stage, when using pre-sowing and seeding equipment, it is important to observe certain norms of plowing depth and planting of seeds…

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Escort DB-2 sensors improve the efficiency and quality of harvesters' work

Thanks to accurate and prompt information about the grain level in the bunkers, the management can analyze the quality of harvesting, keep accurate records of volumes, prevent equipment breakdowns, negligence and theft…

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Implementation case: wireless fuel level sensors to monitor the level of oil products in cisterns

How to measure and monitor the level of oil products in cisterns by implementing the capacitive fuel level sensors Escort

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Sokol-M professional weather station helps farmers save 6000 usd per day

Case: how our client saves 6 000 USD per day by slashing the costs of fertilizers and herbicides when performing field spraying

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Escort fuel level sensors in diesel generators by "Hayted" company and fuel monitoring system

"Energy Efficiency" - one of the activities of the group associated with the development and introduction of modern technologies for the effective control …

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