From a small integrator to a large producer

Having begun our activity in 2004 as integrators, we are in the best position to know all the specific features of working in the sector of transport telematics. That is why nowadays we, as producers of our own goods, see our supreme task in providing the best products by their functionality and cost and to offer the reliable, high quality equipment to our customers.

During our work we have successfully marketed over 500,000 various devices and the rate of their production keeps growing.

The partner network of our company now comprises over 450 integrators, distributors and dealers all over the world, in different regions and sectors. We also deliver directly to assembly lines of the largest Russian enterprises – «Rostselmash», «LiAZ», «GAZ», «PAZ».

Video comments about working with us
The production facilities is more than 2000 square meters large
Own research and development center
Over 150 specialists with profile education
Unique patented products

History of development

The company began functioning as an integrator focusing in selling equipment for transport monitoring systems of various producers.

Own production is opened; Launching of serial production of fuel level sensors «Escort TD-500».

First delivery of sensors on the assembly line of Likino Bus Plant «LiAZ»

Expanding the production area to 1500 square meters

Creating Research and development department. Launching of the new line for producing equipment for agricultural solutions

The 100,000 fuel level sensor is produced. Launching of the 1st generation of the «Escort TD-Online» fuel level sensor with a changeable SIM-chip

Launching of serial production of the «Escort TD-100» fuel level sensor

Creating an export department

First contacts with foreign partners from Bulgaria, France, South African Republic, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Mexico. Launching of the 2-nd generation of the «Escort TD-Online» fuel level sensor
with a changeable SIM-card Industrial park is opened as part of the company to attract promising innovative projects and support start-ups.

New product for meteorological measurements – «Sokol-M» weather station

Starting of a mass production of wireless fuel level sensor with Buetooth data transmission technology «Escort TD-BLE»

All-new Escort TL-BLE wireless temperature and illumination sensor goes into mass production. Winning the "Widest export sales geography of the year" award from the Government of Tatarstan.

Wireless tilt angle sensors Escort DU-BLE with with Bluetooth data transmission technology going into mass production. Expanding the geography of export sales to 90 countries.

Experience. Technologies. Quality.


Main strategy of «Escort» successful growth

We are continuously working toward more advanced developments, using the cutting-age technologies. We pay a lot of attention to the thorough projecting and quality control at every stage of production. This is why the products of «Escort» brand have the reputation of reliable, functional and easy to use equipment.

Nothing could prove that better than, for example, the high-precision fuel level sensor of «Escort TD» series which are highly demanded in the market of transport monitoring systems. In 2016 alone we marketed over 60,000 fuel sensors.

Technological capabilities of our company allow to create unique products, having no analogs in the market. Our engineers have developed the world’s first fuel level sensor «Escort TD-Online» with the built-in GPS/Glonass module and a changeable SIM-card. The idea was to simplify the connection system of transport monitoring and to reduce the costs of the system integrating. We managed to accomplish that. «Escort TD-Online» is a formidable breakthrough in the sphere of transport telematics and a significant contribution into the development of satellite transport monitoring systems.

affiliate program

Technical support service works for you
24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are always ready to place our equipment at your disposal for testing, so that you could under real conditions get evidence of the reliability of our products in all their characteristics.

For our clients, we provide free delivery to
all Russian regions.

We provide flexible terms of payment for our
long-term customers.

To advance the qualification of our staff, we conduct trainings on «Escort» products and technologies
in the form of webinars.

We provide you with all necessary methodological and
promotional materials.

You may always be sure that in case of any questions or situations not stipulated in the contractual terms or partnership programs you will obtain an
all-out support from our company in solving any problems.

We bear full responsibility not only during the warranty period of the equipment operation life,
but after its termination as well.

«Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people»
- Steve Jobs

We very well realize that sustainable development of our company largely depends on our employees. We managed not just to gather a team of strong, highly-qualified specialists, but to unite a friendly crew of people, supplementing each other’s skills and bound together by a common mission. In turn, we do our best to create favorable conditions for our staff, as well as to provide equal opportunities for the career growth. All our employees take regular professional training and advanced qualification courses. Besides, twice a year we conduct internal attestation for you to get the most competent and qualified assistance.

We believe that the comfortable psychological atmosphere at work is an essential component of effective and fruitful functioning. It is our priority that the personnel come to work joyfully and feel calm and confident. That is why we arranged our office in an «open space» format where the working place resembles recreation zone, and every employee, despite transparent walls, has opportunities for privacy, recreation and communication with colleagues.