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How employees steal fuel from carriers and what can be done with it

Diesel and gasoline account for up to half of the costs of carriers and companies for which fuel is a related expense. Yet executives don't always know if their drivers are stealing fuel for resale

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Five fuel monitoring and management solutions for a vehicle fleet: pros and cons

What's the optimal method of fuel consumption monitoring for most companies? Escort team reviewed five most common solutions — from basic mileage tracking to complex fuel management systems.

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Optimization of fleet costs by installing fuel monitoring sensors

The installation of fuel sensors allows to record the slightest changes in the fuel level, which means that it blocks the way for any overuse, including collusion with employees of gas stations

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Wireless fuel monitoring in stationary tanks and storage units with Escort TD-BLE sensor

When installing FLS Escort TD-BLE, you do not need to worry about the cables. Thanks to the energy saving Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh, the sensor can run on one battery for 3 years before it needs to be replaced.

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ESCORT Fuel monitoring products catalogue2.112.02.2020
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