Creating BLE wireless sensors in cooperation with Nordic Semiconductor

Escort Group is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of M2M/IoT equipment. The company's products are widely popular in the local market and are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Cooperation between Escort Group and Nordic Semiconductor for creating Low Power BLE wireless sensors
Partnership Escort and Nordic Semiconductor - Wireless Sensors

The competitive advantage of "Escort" brand sensors is in high quality and emphasis on advanced technologies. The company purchases the most modern components, cooperating with recognized world manufacturers. Recently, Escort has been actively developing wireless sensors, that contain microchips from the Norwegian company Nordic Semiconductor.

Nordic Semiconductor microchips are used in several Escort devices.

In Escort TL-BLE temperature and light sensors, components from the Norwegian company enable the conversion and transmission of the data via Bluetooth Low Energy. With this technology, the sensors can be installed in the shortest time possible and easily set up using a mobile application. Escort TL-BLE sensors are used to monitor refrigerated transport and at production sites for various purposes.

Escort TD-BLE fuel level sensors also are equipped with microchips produced by the Norwegian partner. In fact, thanks to Nordic Semiconductor microchips, these sensors were the first BLE devices on the market for satellite fuel monitoring. The implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows integrators to install the equipment in just 1-2 hours without wasting time on wiring and with minimal interference with on-board systems. Companies that use Escort TD-BLE enjoy such benefits:

  • 7 years of continuous operation of the sensor from just one battery;
  • reduced risk of sabotage of sensor;
  • ability to set up sensors via Bluetooth;
  • minimal harm to the environment.
Collaboration of Escort Group and Nordic Semiconductor - Escort DU-BLE wireless angle sensor

One of our recently developed products, Angle sensor Escort DU-BLE has got a Nordic Semiconductor microchip inside as well. The device uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Dmitriev Vladimir Alexandrovich

Vladimir Dmitriev

"Our company is originally focused on the use of knowledge-intensive technology. That's why we managed to become one of the leaders of the Russian M2M/IoT market and find recognition among international customers. When choosing components, we pay close attention to the quality and prospects of further use. With Nordic Semiconductor, we were able to find a partner that produces microchips that fully meet the following characteristics:

  • ultra-low power consumption,
  • high operating time,
  • reliable operation in all applications.

Nordic Semiconductor products enable us to implement ideas and successfully bring unique developments that provide users with reliable control and help reduce costs to market ", comments Vladimir Dmitriev, one of the founders and chief developer of Escort products.