All new Escort BLE sensors are now supported by Teltonika trackers

Teltonika, the leading telematics equipment manufacturer, has made it possible to pair the wireless sensors of Escort Monitoring Systems with its devices.

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Navtelecom GPS trackers and Escort fuel level sensors: wireless vehicle monitoring

The Russian-based manufacturer of the GPS/GLONASS trackers have integrated the Escort BLE sensors with their equipment.

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Sokol-M Weather Station is now integrated with DATOMS IoT Platform

Phoenix Robotix, a company that hails from India and specializes in IoT solutions, has integrated the data exchange protocol implemented in Sokol-M devices by Escort Monitoring Systems

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Announcing THE COVID-19 IoT ALLIANCE: assisting to build a secure and sustainable future for communities across the world through telematics technology solutions.

Today we are joining the remarkable effort, initiated by Gurtam’s flespi team to stop the spread of SARS-Cov-2.

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Escort equipment in Space: one more monitoring platform integrated

Customers of one of the leading monitoring platforms in Latin America now can monitor fuel consumption in their vehicles by implementing Russia-manufactured fuel level sensors.

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New video on capabilities and application of Sokol-M weather station in various industries

Learn more about the functions, capabilities and application scenarios of Sokol-M professional weather station in this short video.

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Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE - new possibilities for use in explosive environments

The world's first wireless fuel level sensor, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, has been tested for compliance …

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Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE is integrated with GLONASSoft equipment

Integration of FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers UMKa310: accelerated installation and protection against sabotage

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NaviLand-2019: Two days of theory and hands-on practice for Kazakhstan integrators

A large-scale seminar for companies involved in the implementation of satellite monitoring systems of transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan ...

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The partnership of Escort monitoring systems and Queclink wireless solutions

Successful integration of innovative wireless sensor TD-BLE with Queclink’s trackers GV56 and GV56RS with Bluetooth 4.0

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Export geography: +2 counties in May!

In May our export geography has expanded to 66 countries. Taiwan and Barbados are in the list from now.

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Breaking news! Get FLS connection loss notifications

TD-100 and TD-150 models of Escort fuel level sensors have got a new feature.

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An entire history of bluetooth in Telematics

Watch our new video! An entire history of bluetooth in Telematics...and its future.

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Sokol-M weather station at GITEX 2018

Escort took part in the largest and most important international exhibition in the field of information and telecommunication technologies …

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Successful integration of RedGPS and Escort TD-ONLINE

Escort Group and the RedGPS satellite monitoring platform have successfully integrated the world's first fuel level sensor …

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Escort Group in the largest telematics conference in Europe

Escort Group for the second time took part in the largest telematics conference in Europe "Telematics Conference CEEurope" …

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The new Configuration Software for Escort fuel level sensors

It is much more convenient to configure the fuel level sensors with the new modern design …

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Bluetooth Trends on «Telematics 2018»

On 18th August of 2018 Escort specialists arrived to Minsk (Belarus Republic) in order to participate in an annual Gurtam Partner Conference.

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The Gurtam partner conference in Mexico and Expo Seguridad Mexico 2018

On April 23, the Escort team arrived in Mexico CIty, Mexico where an extensive work program was awaiting for them.

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«Transport under control 2018» - conference on transport telematics in Uzbekistan

The Escort management participated in the first transport telematics conference in Uzbekistan …

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