Fuel level sensor indicator Escort I4

Digital indicator I-4 is designed for indicating the actual level in the fuel tank and can be used as summing unit which enables you to know the current volume of fuel in the tank.

Main features:
- Opportunity to connect up to 4 sensors together;
- Summing up the values not only in the form of digits on the screen, but as a frequency output signal;
- Reliable protection from polarity reversal;
- Easily stands voltage surges up to 120 V;
- Fixing and assembly takes only20 minutes.

Fuel level sensor indicator Escort I4

Technical characteristics

Sensor scanning protocol RS-485, 19200
Indicated values range 0…9999 l
Resolution ability of analog output signal 0,1%
Resolution ability of frequency output signal 0,1%
Type of frequency output «Open collector»
Output resistance of analog output 1 k Ohm
Number of gaging points for each sensor up to 10
Number of connected sensors up to 4
Level of body protection GOST 1425-96 IP54
Protection from electric shock GOST II class
Nominal supply voltage 9…36 V
Operation conditions
     - ambient temperature, °C -60… +85
     - atmospheric pressure, kPa 84…106.7
Dimensions not exceeding 120x90x50 mm
Summing unit mass not exceeding 0.3 kg

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