Fuel level sensor Escort TD-500

Reliable work in any conditions

The unique device TD-500 is a modern, convenient and universal capacitive meter, an exclusively reliable sensor of fuel level with 4- switch launch modes, galvanic isolating body and explosion proof provision. It is an ideal solution in the complex monitoring and control system of fuel consumption management.

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Fuel level sensor Escort TD-500

- Endurance of any external influence;

- High measurement precision;

- High measurement precision and endurance of any external influence; stands polarity reversal, voltage flickers, disturbance interference, large temperature differences;

- Convenient and easy for assembly;

- Certificate of safety availability;

- Included into the Register of measurement means.

Technical characteristics

Measured media Gasoline, diesel fuel
Type of output signal RS-485, frequency signal, analog signal, impulse signal
Resolution ability of digital output signal 0,1%
Resolution ability of analog output signal 0,25%
Frequency signal range 300…4395 Hz
Inaccuracy for measuring the level not more 1%
Characteristic nonlinearity not more 1%
Explosion protection marking OExlallBT6 X
Power consumption, not exceeding 30 mA
Ingress protection rating IP69S
Operating temperature range °C from -60 to +85

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