Fuel level sensor Escort TD-Online


Escort TD-Online – the world`s first capacitive fuel level sensor with in-build GPS module and replaceable SIM-card. TD-Online is the combination of the main features of fuel sensor and GPS monitoring tracking device provides two devices in one saving your time and money.

Fuel level sensor Escort TD-Online

Due to patented technology of the two devices combining, Escort TD-Online features a wide range of capabilities:


In-build GPS receiver provides your vehicle location and tracking.


Engine ON/ OFF indication due to power supply voltage monitoring.


In-build accelerometer allows to control the driver`s behavior by the rating system.


Up to 7 additional sensors connection to the TD-Online via RS-485.


Replaceable SIM-card allows the convenient mobile operator selection.


No extra wiring is required for motor hours reporting.


Embedded antennas increase the reliability and reduce time of assembling.

Additionally to improved functionality, Escort TD-Online fuel level sensor has gotten a new case, providing even more reliability and service lifetime.

All the materials and components are proved to withstand extreme temperature drops from -60/+80 °С. It provides stable functionality in any application whatsoever.

Escort TD-Online has high Ingress protection IP67 and galvanic isolation along the entire casing.

Statistically 70% of monitoring systems imply just a GPS tracker and fuel level sensor. Installation of such systems though takes significant amount of time and high skilled personnel.

The Escort TD-Online fuel level sensor removes both the problems. The installation takes much less time, since there just two power supply wires connection is required.

More than 7 thousand units have been installed since 2016 by our partners.

Escort TD-Online fuel level sensor features

3D accelerometer

In-build 3D accelerometer provides driver`s behavior control based on measuring such characteristics as acceleration, braking, tilting on turning, vibration while driving on rough roads.

GPS receiver

In-built GPS receiver provides your vehicle geolocation and speed determination.

GSM modem

In-built GSM modem transmits the data to monitoring server.

Embedded antennas

Embedded antennas increase the reliability and reduce time of assembling.

Replaceable SIM-card

Replaceable SIM-card allows the convenient mobile operator selection.

motor hours reporting

No extra wiring is required for motor hours reporting.

Remote unit configuring

Remote unit configuring and software update – set up TD-Online unit right from your office.

Technical characteristics

Resolution capacity, % 0,1
Measurement error, % ±1%
Ingress protection rating IP67
Electrical shock protection by GOST class III
Power supply voltage range, V 12…36
GPS receiver channels 32
GSM Communication Standard GSM 900/1800
Transmitter power, watt 2
Black box storage capacity, records 32000
Baud rate RS-485, bit/sec 19200
Ambient temperature range, °С from -60 to +85
Overall dimensions, mm, max Lх80х80
Weight, kg, max 1

A vast network of distributors makes it easy for you to purchase the equipment in any corner of the world. We have dealerships in Europe, Africa, India, Mexico and their number grows day by day.

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Fuel level sensor for truck buy online from manufacturer

Our company is a leading manufacturer of sensors, devices and equipment for monitoring fuel, work performed, materials accounting and online monitoring of various environmental parameters. Having started its activity back in 2004 as a manufacturer of fuel control sensors, integrators also enter the Escort Group. We ourselves installed the manufactured sensors to end customers and we know everything about the needs for fuel level sensors in the market, the necessary characteristics, operating modes and operating conditions. Therefore, in our model range of manufactured sensors there is a wide range, when each client, depending on the task to be solved, can choose the optimal sensor of our production.

Features fuel level sensor Escort TD Online

Distinctive features of the sensor are due to the fact that the device combines a fuel level sensor, GLONASS / GPS receiver and GSM modem. Thanks to this combination, in addition to indicators of the level of light oil products, the following are monitored:

  • location;
  • movement speed;
  • direction of travel.

The sensor can collect data from external devices (up to 7 pieces) and redirect them to the server for processing. The effectiveness of the device is manifested within a month. The full payback period is up to 3 months.

Online driving quality control with a fuel level sensor is already a reality

An important addition to the capabilities of the Escort TD-Online fuel level sensor is the presence of a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, which allows you to control the quality and driving style. Acceleration, braking, vehicle vibration from the selected speed mode when traveling on bad roads, all that is commonly called the driving style and on which the overall wear rate of the vehicle often depends, all this now allows you to control the Escort TD-Online. Which driver uses the equipment for wear? You will be able to see and determine this with the help of our sensor, which means - in time to prevent vehicle breakdowns and significantly save on repairs, extending the life of your equipment.

Buying a fuel gauge online to save on equipment repair is a reality.

Application of a fuel level sensor Escort TD Online to control fuel in a vehicle tank

A typical application of a fuel level sensor is to control fuel in a vehicle tank in order to prevent theft of fuel and fraud with fuel drain-fueling. Installing a fuel-economy engine Escort TD Online allows you to control fuel consumption during vehicle operation, with online data transfer to the monitoring system. However, it is necessary to provide an important feature of the operation of this sensor. Since the receiving GLONASS / GPS antennas are located in the head of the sensor itself, it is necessary to plan the installation so that the head of the sensor is not tightly blocked by the vehicle body. Therefore, when installing on a vehicle’s body with a completely closed tank, for example, in bus models with an internal tank layout, our other sensors with wireless technology for transmitting data to a remote tracker when the tracker is located in the area of ​​reliable satellite signal reception can be considered , usually in the cockpit of operating equipment. A general technical recommendation when installing any GLONASS / GPS signal receivers, any satellite equipment, is a viewing angle of the celestial sphere of at least 40 °.

Online fuel control in stationary tanks and diesel generator sets with a fuel level sensor Escort TD Online

A feature of the control of fuel consumption in stationary storage tanks and in diesel generator sets is their immobility. In this case, the use of Escort TD-Online can be called an ideal economical solution, when everything necessary for fuel control is already combined in one sensor housing. Fuel control is carried out by the measuring part of the sensor, data is transmitted to the monitoring system using the built-in GSM modem, and satellite signal is received by the receiver integrated into the GLONASS / GPS sensor housing. Moreover, even if the stationary tank is located in a closed enclosed space, and the diesel generator set is in a sealed massive metal container, the loss of a satellite signal from overlapping by solid, massive metal surfaces will not affect fuel control in storage tanks. Our fuel gauge Escort TD-Online can receive timestamps via the GSM modem connection and the loss of timestamp data from satellite communications will not affect the fuel consumption control in time.

In addition, the sensor provides black box storage capacity for 32,000 entries, which allows you to save fuel level values ​​in a controlled capacity for about a month in general with complete absence of external communication with the outside world!