Fuel level sensor Escort TD-100

What does the fuel level sensor reading 7000 indicate?

Answer: 7000 – closing of measuring tubes of the fuel level sensor. Most probably water and/or bottom sludge has been accumulated in the fuel tank.

Recommendation: Empty the fuel tank, drain remaining fuel through the drain hole, rinse measuring tubes of the sensor with clean fuel if possible.


How many calibration points are required to fill up the calibration table ?

Answer: we recommend to record at least 10 calibration points


What is the difference between TD-100 and TD-500 ?

- TD-100 operates in digital RS-485 and frequency operation modes and TD-500 - digital RS-485, frequency, analog and impulse
- ТД-500 имеет выход к штатному стрелочному индикатору уровня топлива и лампе аварийного остатка.
- TD-500 has Explosion-proof certificate and included into the Register of measurement means.


Why does the configuration software indicates "No data" when the fuel sensor is connected to computer but it indicates «Sensor connected»?

Answer: The fuel level sensor is either in analog or in frequency operation mode. Disconnect the power supply of the sensor, wait until the status "Sensor connected" switch to the status "No answer from the sensor with address 0", reconnect the power supply of the sensor and press the button "Search for sensors".