BA-BLE 5.0 LR Wired Base

New generation development!

Device for receiving and transmitting data from connected wireless sensors, wireless tags.


  • Connecting and processing data from measuring devices - up to 10 pieces, wireless tags - up to 50 pieces
  • BLE, RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces
  • Convenient setup using a mobile app
BA-BLE 5.0 LR Wired Base

The BA-BLE, in conjunction with Escort's wireless sensor lineup, is used to:

  • monitoring of fuel consumption on the vehicle together with wireless fuel level sensor "TD-BLE";
  • measurement of humidity, temperature using the sensor "TH-BLE";
  • monitoring the position in space of parts and mechanisms of special equipment (measuring the angle of rotation, rotational speed, etc.) using the sensor "DU-BLE";
  • used in conjunction with ID-TAG tags to monitor trailed agricultural machinery.

When used with a wireless tag "Escort TAG" forms "Escort ID - TAG" identification system to control the location of the object in the radius of signal reception.

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By using BA-BLE together with TD-BLE sensor and using its different output modes*, it becomes possible to:

  • calculate the average value of fuel level (average fuel level from the values of two or more sensors installed in one tank), to give the average value of fuel temperature from all sensors;
  • calculate the total volume and average temperature from two or more sensors TD-BLE installed in different tanks.

*These modes can be applied when only one TD-BLE sensor is connected.


Power supply voltage, V 9 … 36
Power consumption, not more than (mA) 50
1) Wired communication interfaces (for connection with GPS trackers/gateways)
2) Data exchange protocol
3) Data exchange baud rate
1) RS-485, RS-232
2) LLS
3) 19200 bps
1) Wireless sensor/mobile device communication interface(s)
2) Data exchange protocol
1) Bluetooth LE (BLE)
Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth Low Energy 5 LR coded PHY (central) Bluetooth Low Energy 4 (connection, advertising)
Receiver sensitivity / transmitter power, dBm -96 / 8
Operating frequencies, GHz 2,402-2,480
Max sensors 10
Max LLS network addresses 40
Ingress protection marking in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) 14254 IP67
Electric shock resistance rating in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) Class III
Operating conditions:
1) ambient temperature, °С
2) min and max ambient temperature, °С
3) atmosphere pressure, kPa

1) - 45 … + 50
2) - 45 … + 85
3) 84 … 106.7
Dimensions, not more than, mm 90,4 x 50,5 x 17
Weight, not more than, kg 0,2

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