eCargosens wireless axle load monitoring system

It is used to monitor and fix the load on the axle of the vehicle.

The eCargosens is a system of several measuring units of pressure sensors and cab unit.

One wireless pressure sensor unit is installed on each axle of the truck and its semitrailer (pneumatic suspension in particular). The cab unit is installed in the cab or - if necessary - on the frame of the truck and is used to collect data from the pressure sensors and transfer them to the monitoring system via the navigation terminal and to the driver's app.

eCargosens wireless axle load monitoring system

The sensors are connected to the cab unit via Bluetooth 5.0. The cab unit is connected to the navigation terminal via RS-485 interface*.

*Before you purchase eCargosens Air, be sure to check with the manufacturer of the terminals, whether the cab unit is compatible with a particular model of the terminal. Also be sure to check the number of axles and - consequently - the number of sensors.

Features / benefits of eCargosens:

  • No wiring required, making the integration and operation of the system much easier
  • Innovative data transfer technology - Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range
  • System control (with user-friendly mobile app: axle load display on any mobile device)*

    *For iOS - version 12.1 or newer.
     For Android - OS version 5.0 or newer.


eCargosens Air axle load sensor

Operating range of absolute pressure, MPa 0,1 … 1
Total reduced error of measurement in the working range, not more, % ±3
Battery capacity at using temperature 20 °С, mAh 9000
Operating time from one set of batteries at 20 °С, not less, years 3
Battery voltage, V 3,3 … 3,6
Average current consumption, not more, mA 300
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth Low Energy 5 LR(coded PHY), peripherial (advertising, connection)
Receiver sensitivity/transmitter power, dBm -96 / 8
Operating frequency range, GHz 2,402 … 2,480
Maximum range of Bluetooth (Long Range) in an open space without barriers, m 200
Protocol of exchange with mobile devices Escort eCargosens
The degree of protection provided by the shell IP68
Temperature range, °С Minus 45 to plus 50
Dimensions, not more, mm 138х60х59
Weight, not more, kg 0,25

eCargosens DS Cabin Unit

Supply voltage, В From 9 tо 36
Current consumption, max mA 100
1) Data exchange protocol
2) Interface of work with eCargosens
3) Data exchange speed, bps
1) RS-485
2) LLS
3) 19200
1) Interface of work with eCargosens Air wireless axle load cell and mobile device
2) Communication protocol Bluetooth
1) Bluetooth LE (BLE)
2) Escort eCargosens
Standart Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy 5 LR coded PHY (connection - central) Bluetooth Low Energy 4 (connection, advertising)
Receiver sensitivity / transmitter power, dBm -96 / 8
Operating frequency range, GHz From 2,402 tо 2,480
The number of polled wireless load cells on the axis eCargosens Air Up to 10
The degree of protection enclosure according to GOST 14254 IP54
Protection level against electric shock according to GOST class III
Operating conditions:
- ambient temperature, ° С
- limit ambient temperature, °С
- atmospheric pressure, kPa

From minus 40 to plus 50
From minus 40 to plus 85
From 84 tо 106,7
Dimensions, not more mm 150х100х55
Weight, not more than kg 0,2

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