Level sensor of cohesive products Escort DB-2

Special development for the agricultural sector

«Escort DB-2» enables to keep control of the dynamics in the level fill change of the container. And with consideration of movement speed and the processed area, the Level sensor of cohesive products enables to control the norm of sown seed/quantity of introduced fertilizers, productivity at harvesting with a combine, as well as get the maps of sown seed/productivity distribution on the field.

It is also possible to evaluate the average humidity of product at each filling of a container. (It requires standard and additional discrete sensor of the level).

Level sensor of cohesive products Escort DB-2

Cases of application

Seeding and harvesting monitoring

Seeding / harvesting monitoring

"DB-2" protects from unauthorized grain discharging.

Seeding and harvesting monitoring

During the grain seeding "DB-2" helps to prevent manual seeding implements recalibration for lower yield reporting. Obtain total yield on-line monitoring and yield mapping throughout your fields.

"DB-2" is installed on the wall of the container of agricultural machinery or stationary container, transmitting this way the grain level dynamics to the monitoring unit.

Technical characteristics

Measurement media Cohesive products with humidity not exceeding 25%
Type of output signal RS-485, frequency signal, analog signal, impulse signal
Resolution ability of digital output signal 0.1%
Resolution ability of analog output signal 0.25%
Frequency signal range 300…4395 Hz
Nonlinearity of characteristics, not more 1%
Nominal voltage of supply 9 ...36 V
Power consumption, not less 30 mA
Ingress protection rating IP67
Operating temperature range, °C -60…+85

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