Remote control Escort NET SYSTEM

ESCORT NET SYSTEM – is a complex of equipment consisting of a device for identification number (mark) transmission and a device for data receiving (reader).

The System is meant for proximity identification of strap-on and pull-type devices, friend-foe identification, as well as identification of drivers of the car.

Enables to determine with high precision the volume of carried out work.

Система Эскорт NET

Technical characteristics

Working frequency of radio channel 2.4 GHz
Type of output signal Digital signal RS485 19200
Analog signal, additional in the radio bridge mode
Dry contact (ground switching) PWM
Frequency signal
Supply voltage, V 10…36
Consumed current, not exceeding, mA 50
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -60…+85
Dimensions, not exceeding, mm 90х63х32
Mass of the device, not exceeding, kg 0.5

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