Fuel level sensor Escort TD-600

Reliable work in any conditions

"Escort TD-600" – universal capacitive fuel level sensor that has 5 operational modes and is able to communicate with any GPS monitoring device.

TD-600 also has an accelerometer that makes it capable of measuring its tilt angle. The tilt angle can help in setting apart false fillings or thefts that could be reported because of the unit being in an inclined position.

TD-600 has high Ingress protection IP69S and galvanic isolation along the entire casing.

Fuel level sensor ESCORT TD-600

All the materials and components are protected by robust casing and are proved to withstand extreme temperature drops from -60/+85 °С. Conforms to high quality and security standards stated by certification system.

Technical characteristics

Measured medium Gasoline, diesel fuel
Type of output signal RS-485, RS-232, frequency signal, analog signal, impulse signal
Digital output resolution 0,1%
Analog output resolution 0,25%
Frequency output range 300 - 4395 Hz
Analog output range 0,2 - 9 V
Impulse output range 2 - 1025 impulses
Measuring error, maximum 1%
Nonlinearity value, maximum 1%
Power supply voltage 7 - 80 V (starting from serial number 10776)
Power supply current, maximum 30 mA
Ingress protection IP69S
Operational temperature range -60... +85 °С

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