Refund policy

If the card payment is selected, the refund cannot be made in cash. All refund transactions are governed by the Rules and Regulations of the international payment systems.

The refund procedure is also governed by the article 26.1 of the Federal Law on the Customers’ Rights:

  • The refund can be demanded in case the product’s intrinsic value are not diminished in any way and the Customer has a document confirming the fact of the purchase
  • The Customer cannot demand the refund for the product if its intrinsic value and properties are not altered but it still can be used by the Customer only (i.e. if any third party cannot use the product)
  • In case the Customer refuses to accept the product, the Seller is obliged to refund the Customer in the amount the Customer paid for the product subtracting the transportation and delivery costs. The refund must be effected within 10 (ten) days after the Refund Demand Letter is submitted by the Customer