Refund procedure

The refund can be made by Fmeter LLC to the Customer as follows:

For the refund to be transferred to the Customer’s bank account, the Customer needs to submit a Refund Demand Letter, provided via e-mail at the Customer’s first request, and send it along with a copy of their passport or other ID document to the this e-mail address [email protected], the template of the letter can also be downloaded via the link .

The refund shall be effected within the 21 (twenty one) working days as from the date the Refund Demand Letter is received by the Seller.

To get the refund for transactions effected with or due to errors, the Customer needs to submit a written request and provide a copy of their passport or other ID document and copies of the receipts confirming any erroneously effected transactions. The request must be sent to [email protected]

The amount of the refund shall be equal to the amount debited from the Customer’s account. The period during which the Refund Demand Letter must be considered starts as from the date the Seller receives the Refund Demand Letter. This period does not include festive days and weekends.

Please, be advised that the bank account to which the refund is to be made must be registered to the Customer’s name.

The Customer can send the original copy of the Refund Demand Letter to the following address:
420127, Russia, Kazan Dementieva str, 2B, building 3, suite 301