Application of professional Weather Station
«SOKOL-M» during construction

Application of professional Weather Station SOKOL-M during construction

Country: Russia

Industry: Construction, development

Year: 2019

Client: WAP «PIK Group of Companies»

Equipment: Professional Weather Station «Sokol-M», mounted on tower cranes

About the company

Application of professional Weather Station SOKOL-M during construction

PIK Group is the largest Russian development company, implementing complex projects in ten regions of Russia with a focus on Moscow and the Moscow region. PIK works in the market since 1994 and specializes in construction housing comfort class with all necessary infrastructure.

According to the Unified register of developers, the PK occupies leading positions among Russian developers in terms of volume currentconstruction of residential real estate and the volume of input housing in 2018.


Application of professional Weather Station SOKOL-M during construction
  • Promptly monitor weather conditions at construction sites
  • Ensure industrial safety at work
  • Analyze the situation in order to plan construction works
  • Resolve disputes with contractors and labor collectives
  • Avoid downtime and loss of funds
  • Prevent failure of construction deadlines

Features of work

In the activity on construction of real estate objects the company uses modern special equipment, in particular, belonging to сontracting organization.

Work of special equipment, as well as in general process of erection of buildings, in many respects depends on weather conditions. In order to ensure industrial safety, PIK and its contractors comply with the requirements set forth in building codes and rules (IBC 12-03-2001 and IBC 12-04-2001), of the Russian Federation, and also in a number of other documents of Rostekhnadzor.

In accordance with IBC 12-03-2001
«Safety in construction. Part 1. General requirements»

7.2.3. During placing and operating of machinery and vehicles actions must be taken,to prevent their tipping or free movement due to wind, slope or subsidence.

9.2.7. Welding work outdoors in the rain, the snowfall must be stopped.

According to IBC 12-04-2002
«safety at work in construction. Part 2. Building production»

8.3.9. It is forbidden to carry out installation works at height in open places at a wind speed of 15 m / s and more, at ice, the thunderstorm or the fog excluding visibility within the front of works. Work on the movement and installation of vertical panels and similar structures with high windage it is necessary to stop at a wind speed of 10 m/s or more.

During the operation of tower cranes to monitor the strength of the wind and compliance with state safety requirements, as a rule, is used regular monitoring equipment installed in the driver’s cabin.

Unilateral control leads to the fact that construction managers have to depend on the decisions taken by a particular driver. In such cases, there is always a risk that the employee can ignore the strong gusts of wind – and this will lead to overload and breakage of equipment, or to an emergency situation. It is also possible that the crane operator can refer to adverse weather conditions and stop working, while in reality the wind gusts did not reach critical values.

Such situations, arising due to human factors, threaten deviations in the schedules of construction of facilities and unreasonable costs for technical assistance and repair of equipment. The simple operation of the tower crane on the construction site results in the suspension of the work of other equipment and builders, who still have to receive wages.

At the same time, since the construction mainly involves contractors, the developer can not administratively influence the drivers. That is, disputes have to be resolved through contractual relations with third parties, which may also knowingly or unintentionally rely on biased information.

As an example of the risks arising from the absence of remote control of the operation of the crane, you can give the following calculation. In the construction of a residential complex in the segment «Comfort» in Moscow, the customer spends 35 000 rubles per square meter. Consequently, the cost of downtime one day the crane driver will be 14 000 rubles, and the complete suspension of construction of residential complex with an area of 83 790 square meters will be 2 676 940 rubles per day. Of these, up to 50% is spent on construction and installation work.


Application of professional Weather Station SOKOL-M during construction

For accurate information on weather conditions affecting the work of tower cranes, the company decided to equip the PIK technique Sokol-M professional weather station.

Initially, the station was installed on one of the cranes with a height of 77 meters. During the tests, the equipment was tested for performance in various weather conditions and the accuracy of measurements of meteorological parameters. The software «Escort» was also tested for convenient display of weather data and prompt informing of the management and dispatchers about the events at the construction site. The possibilities of displaying parameters in the current mode and in the form of archival data, the function of sending SMS and e-mails in critical gusts of wind were tested.

According to the results of the tests, the professional weather station «Sokol-M» coped with the tasks, which convinced the customer to use this device in many construction projects.

Example of professional weather station operation on the tower crane

The screenshots from the program for remote monitoring shows how the professional weather station captures wind gusts during a given period of time. As can be seen, «Sokol-M» three times accurately determined the excess of permissible values (10 and 15 m / s), at which the work of the tower crane must be stopped.

An example of the interface of work with the Sokol-M professional weather station
An example of the interface of work with the Sokol-M professional weather station


  • Obtaining permanent access to information on weather conditions for the purpose of rapid response to situations that threaten security.
  • Obtaining an archive of weather data for the purpose of derivation averaged values and construction planning.
  • Obtaining objective information to resolve disputes situations with contractors and personnel.
  • Obtaining administrative influence on the special equipment contractor.
  • Reducing the cost of self-maintenance of machinery.


  • Supplier:

    «Professional weather station “Sokol-M” – is a unique development of the company «Escort» for automatic measurement of meteorological parameters. It is compact, easy to install, the possibility of connecting additional devices-for example, for photos- and video recordings of weather phenomena.

    And, of course, the main advantage is the accuracy of the display weather conditions, up to 3 days weather forecast with 95% accuracy. And to see the actual data or refer to the history of observations can be a convenient program available on your computer and on mobile devices.

    Earlier, the professional weather station «Sokol-M» has already proved itself in agriculture. The new project for the use of the station at PIK group facilities proves that its application is not limited to any one sphere. And our equipment can solve the problems of any industry, where the matter of weather conditions.»

  • Customer:

    «Installing «Sokol-M», we get accurate information about the weather in any conditions and can see the archive of data for any period of time. It helps us to control overloads of equipment and breakdowns, to take operational measures, to sort carefully any disputable case and even to insist on change of the driver who does not follow safety precautions, or simply dissembles.

    Now, in working with contractors, we have an effective tool that allows you to bring as evidence indisputable arguments. Thus, the professional weather station «Sokol-M» has become an integral part of effective and safe operation at construction sites.

    In addition to monitoring the operation of the cranes, the professional weather station can also be used to make decisions about welding works during rains and snowfalls».