Escort Group at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023!

Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023
Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023

Recently, representatives of our company visited Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023 - one of the main events of the year in the field of security in Latin America. It brings together a huge number of exhibitors from various fields: public safety, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, cybersecurity, IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, alarm, automation and many others. At the exhibition we presented an updated and improved wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE, as well as an axle load monitoring system – eCargoSens.

This solution from Escort Group of Companies can be very useful, since there is an acute problem with the theft of commercial cargo in Latin America (according to the National Public Security System of Mexico (SESNSP, about 600 thefts of commercial cargo are committed during the year).

According to a long tradition, the day before the exhibition, the Telematics CDMX 2023 conference, organized by the Wialon team, was held.

Within the framework of the conference, several panel discussions on the most relevant topics were held. One of them – "The constantly evolving world of IoT. From telematics onwards" was also attended by a representative of our company.

The main points that were touched upon during the discussion:

  • it is necessary to expand activities not only in classical fuel monitoring, but also in other sectors, such as meteorological control;
  • integrators themselves explore the market and are not afraid to offer customers new and non-standard solutions;
  • to give even more equipment for the test;
  • development of the company's employees.

The participation of representatives of various areas of telematics made the discussion lively and dynamic. Our colleagues exchanged opinions on various issues, based on their personal experience in Latin America and taking into account the specifics of the direction.

One of the main thoughts that all the participants of the discussion came to is that the key to development for any company is constant growth, expanding horizons, decisive actions and constant research of new trends in the market.

We thank the organizers and participants of the conference for a useful event, as well as everyone who was involved in the exhibition.

We are always glad to have the opportunity to communicate with partners and clients live!