Accelerating Connections: Escort’s Journey at Syscom Expo 2024

In March 2024, the Escort team in Mexico proudly showcased our best telematics solutions at the prestigious Syscom Expo 2024 held at the World Trade Center Ciudad de México

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Introducing Technical Support Division in the MENA region

We are happy to announce that our UAE office has just launched a new dedicated Technical Support Division that will be operating in the regions of the Middle East and Africa.

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Exciting Opportunities in Saudi Arabia for Integrators!

We’re thrilled to be back from our recent business trip to Saudi Arabia, and we can’t wait to share some incredible insights with you.

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"Feria Internacional de seguridad ESS+" – one more country has been added into the company's exhibition asset!

More recently, we have expanded the geography of our company's exhibition activities and Colombia has become a new country visited by our colleagues.

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Opening of a new office in the Persian Gulf countries

For us this is a big and important step in the framework of the strategy of developing new markets, strengthening our positions in the international arena and increasing competitiveness.

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Escort Technical Support – now is in India!

One of our priorities is the highest quality and timely technical support for customers at all stages of interaction with Escort products

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Escort Group at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023!

Recently, representatives of our company visited Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023 - one of the main events of the year in the field of security in Latin America.

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Escort Group at GITEX-2022 in Dubai

In mid-October our team participated in GITEX-2022 in Dubai. All the latest innovations that the world has to offer were demonstrated here…

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TD-BLE and DU-BLE wireless sensors received CE certification

Wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE and tilt sensor DU-BLE have been certified for compliance with European Union standards. Since then all of them will have CE marking

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What is the best sensor to control the fuel?

We are pleased to present you our open experiment - «Wired VS wireless technologies»! This video was created specifically for a wide range of telematics…

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New product in the Escort sensor line!

Water level sensor by Escort is a capacitive level transmitter, which is necessary for measuring liquid level in storage tanks in various industries.

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A training platform from Escort Group of Companies!

We are glad to inform you about the launch of the online training platform «Escort Monitoring Academy»!

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Natural Intelligence of the Internet for Things in the Oil and Gas Industry

Escort Monitoring Systems Group and Tota Systems performed a successful integration!

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Updated version of firmware for wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD BLE

A properly calibrated fuel level sensor gives accurate results and decreases the probability of a measuring mistake which can cost extra time and money.

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Escort TD-BLE sensors are now integrated with Ruptela GPS trackers

If you use or consider using HCV5, LCV5 and Pro5 Ruptela devices, from now on you can also install our TD-BLE sensors alongside them to monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle…

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Bitrek and TD-BLE: comprehensive control of transport operation without wires

Disk Systems Research and Production Enterprise (BITREK ® trademark) and the «Escort» Group of Companies have integrated their equipment for satellite monitoring.

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CE Certificate for fuel level sensor TD-600

FLS TD-600 has been certified as a device with characteristics corresponding to the European Union’s safety and requirements.

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Escort BLE and GalileoSky 7x Integration

GPS/GLONASS 7x trackers manufactured by GalileoSky are now compatible with wireless Escort TD-BLE sensors as well as other Bluetooth devices of the same line up.

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An updated Escort TD-BLE

More reliable. Safer. More functional. Data encryption, protection against the installation of incompatible software, and a black box function increase the efficiency of fuel consumption control …

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Escort TD sensors and Queclink GV800G: New opportunities

Queclink’s flagship tracker for advanced fleet management GV800G and Escort fuel level sensors TD-150 and TD-500 are now compatible!

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