Escort TD sensors and Queclink GV800G: New opportunities

Queclink’s flagship tracker for advanced fleet management GV800G and Escort fuel level sensors TD-150 and TD-500 are now compatible!

Two international IoT brands QueclinkWireless Solutions and Escort Monitoring Systems continue working on empowering fleet managers who seek high quality, simple and elegant solutions in the world of GPS tracking and telematics. Earlier the companies integrated the TD series fuel level sensors manufactured by Escort with the Queclink GV56 series tracking devices. Now, after the integration of the TD-150 and TD-500 with the GV800G, it is even easier to get the maximum of the latter.

The Queclink GV800G comes in with a huge variety of functionalities required for comprehensive and efficient GPS tracking and monitoring of any fleet. It offers the largest number of interfaces of any product in the Queclink transportation portfolio. The product provides advanced telematics data and information from light and heavy trucks. It also supports a wide range of external peripherals and accessories via such interfaces/inputs as:

  • CAN and J1708
  • RF (433.92 MHz)
  • Molex Audio
  • 1-Wire
  • RS-232 and RS-485

Thus, the GV800G tracker can become a part of any monitoring system and help monitor various parameters of the vehicle operation based on the data streams from both the standard OBDs and different telematics devices. Among the latter are temperature and humidity sensors, audio equipment, car door sensors, driver ID devices and capacitive fuel level sensor.

Escort sensors, now compatible with the GV800G tracker, can offer the following features:

  • Escort TD-150 has the following 3 communication interfaces: RS-485, frequency and analogue with extended range outputs;
  • Escort TD-500 supports 4 interfaces: RS-485 (including the RS-485 active mode in which the sensor does the polling by itself) analogue, frequency and impulse outputs. There is also a modified version with CAN (J1939).

Each model:

  • offers the capacity to measure fuel level with 98-99% precision;
  • has a thermal compensation mechanism that offsets any imprecision in level measuring provoked by temperature swings;
  • can be installed in any type of recipient with the height from 15cm up to 6m;
  • is resistant to temperature, dust, humidity, voltage swings or any type of physical damage;
  • helps easily determine if the cables were disconnected;
  • has various safety certifications of compliance with national and international requirements, including the explosion safety certificate OExiaIIBT6 X.

The level readings of the TD-150 and TD-500 sensors can go directly into any monitoring platform that supports Queclink devices. In particular, Wialon, Navixy, Fort Monitor and others.

Opinion: Escort

Alexander Kuzin, Export Sales Team

«Queclink Wireless Solutions is, hands down, one of the leading players on the market that offers different diversewireless M2M solutions. We are glad that our joint work enables hundreds of fleet managers around the world to install our fuel level sensors along with GV800G and GV56 trackers. At the same time, the integrators get to further expand the range of different solutions they can offer their clients.»

Opinion: Queclink

Andrey Makarov, International Sales Manager for Russia and East Europe at Queclink

«As it is known, one can monitor the fuel consumption and prevent theft attempts only by means of extra telematics equipment. This is especially true for trucks and other heavy vehicles that consume huge amounts of fuel. The compatibility of our device with Escort TD sensors can help any fleet managing company improve their performance by monitoring their assets professionally and efficiently.»

Queclink official site: www.queclink.com
Our previous integration with Queclink trackers: http://www.queclink.com/node/3773, https://www.fmeter.ru/en/news/5280/

Integration of fuel level sensors Escort TD and Queclink GV800G tracker