New product in the Escort sensor line!

We are pleased to present you our new product -
the Escort ALS Water Level Sensor.

Water level sensor by Escort - is a capacitive level transmitter, which is necessary for measuring liquid level in storage tanks in various industries (see technical specifications).

Industrial tasks which the water level sensor can solve, in addition to measuring the liquid level:

Industrial Water Level Sensor Escort Als
  • maintaining the preset liquid level in the tank
  • filling level control
  • liquid flow control

Where is it possible to use various types of water level sensors:

  • agriculture (liquid fertilizers, irrigation systems)
  • housing and communal services
  • chemical industry
  • water supply and wastewater disposal

Advantages of the Escort AL sensor:

  • high resolution (discreteness) of the sensor
  • comfortable and universal in installation - can be adapted to any depth of the vessel, installed in the same way as Escort fuel sensors
  • easy maintenance
  • high accuracy, the measurement error is 1-2%.
  • important fact is that the development of Escort Group allows you to measure the level of even conductive liquids, including weak solutions of alkalis and acids (concentration not more than 10% of the total liquid volume)
  • one of the key advantages is a wide compatibility due to the most common modes: RS-485, frequency and analog

We can customize any mode including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)!

Escort ALS is an universal product at an affordable price!

Link to the sensor's page in the "Products" section, description and technical specifications.