Escort Technical Support – now is in India!

Escort Technical Support – now is in India!

Regardless of the location of our company's office, be it Russia, India, the UAE or other countries, one of our priorities is the highest quality and timely technical support for customers at all stages of interaction with Escort products.

And now the staff of the Indian office has been replenished with a qualified technical support specialist, what allows us to provide even better and faster assistance to customers - this is due to an understanding of the local mentality and knowledge of Hindi and English.

What is the functionality of technical support in India?

In addition to answering questions, requests, and appeals for problems, the technical support also includes training of new customers regarding technical aspects, nuances and questions, support during the first installation both online and offline, depending on the situation.

The technical support department in the Indian office will also perform the functions of the advertising department, i.e. all equipment that is needed to be sent for diagnostics in this region will now be sent to the local unit, where the employee will perform all the necessary diagnostic manipulations, including in the event of warranty cases.

All diagnostic procedures will be carried out according to the regulations, with the completion of official acts.

Now the office is being equipped with special diagnostic stands, similar to those located in production in the Russian Federation, which will make the check more accurate and faster.

Contacts of technical support for communication:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +919205976229 (only chats)

Contact phone: +91 1244 447171