Accelerating Connections: Escort’s Journey at Syscom Expo 2024

In March 2024, the Escort team in Mexico proudly showcased our best telematics solutions at the prestigious Syscom Expo 2024 held at the World Trade Center Ciudad de México. As a private event catering exclusively to Syscom's registered clients, the expo served as a nexus for over 200 companies to bring their latest products to light and forge meaningful connections within the industry.

Accelerating Connections: Escort’s Journey at Syscom Expo 2024

Being one of the premier distributors of telematics solutions in Mexico, Syscom's event provided us with an invaluable opportunity to present Escort’s innovative products and solidify our position in the market. Our partnership with Syscom was established in 2022, and our second consecutive appearance at the expo only reinforced this fruitful collaboration. On this occasion, we would love to extend our acknowledgement to Sysсom’s product manager Carlos Wong whose expertise played a pivotal role in our combined success at the expo. As we continue to reflect on our experience, the participation in the expo was quite fruitful for the Escort team as we expanded our network and acquired new leads for our esteemed partner.

At the forefront of Escort's showcase were our flagship products, including the wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE, tilt angle sensor DU-BLE, and the axle load monitoring system Ecargosens among others. Escort' section at the exhibition exemplified a comprehensive fleet management solution, as we were positioned alongside the companies that manufacture GPS trackers, SIM cards, and fleet monitoring software. Such a reasonable placement garnered significant attention and traction from attendees, proving how well-thought and meticulous the organization of the expo was.

One of the key insights that the Escort team has taken from the Syscom Expo 2024 is the growing demand for fuel monitoring solutions in Mexico. We could not help but notice a huge potential in the market waiting to be tapped into, and we are excited to be a part of this journey!