A training platform from Escort Group of Companies!

We are glad to inform you about the launch of the online training platform
«Escort Monitoring Academy»!

The Escort Monitoring Academy is a training platform where you can watch videos and pass small test tasks that help you to consolidate the material better in any suitable place and at any convenient time for you.

Educational Platform from the GC Escort - Training in the online Academy of Monitoring Escort

The training will be useful for both beginners and experienced integrators who want to consolidate the knowledge and competencies necessary for the installation and operation of such telematics devices as:

* capacitive fuel level sensors, «The course of the integrator of capacitive FLS Escort»

After completing the course, you will acquire or consolidate the following knowledge and competencies:

  • understanding of the principles of sensor operation;
  • knowledge and skills required to install the FLS;
  • skills of working with a PC and a mobile sensor configurator Escort;
  • basic understanding of working with reports on the Wialon platform;

You can find out the cost of the main course from your regional manager. Please check out the course at the link below: https://go.teachbase.ru/products/escort-fuel-level-sensors-integrator-s-course-v1-0/buy?lang=en

Also, 2 more courses are under development, which will be implemented in the very near future:

  • DU-BLE Escort tilt angle sensors;
  • RFID system.
Certificate of training from the GC Escort

If you successfully complete any of the courses (85% correct answers), you will receive a certificate confirming your qualification.

Passing the courses will allow you not only to improve your knowledge in the field of transport telematics and increase the skills of your installers, but also to reduce the number of complaints!