Natural Intelligence of the Internet for Things in the Oil and Gas Industry

Escort Monitoring Systems Group and Tota Systems performed a successful integration!

The following sensors are now fully functional on the Natlogger Environmental Monitoring Platform:

TOTA GAUGE sensors for permanent monitoring of temperature and pressure in oil and gas wells
  • Innovative TOTA GAUGE sensors for continuous monitoring of temperature and pressure in oil and gas wells. These are ultra-reliable, downhole, quartz sensors with no electronics. Since 2016, a record 160 wells have been monitored without a single breakdown.

When sensors consist of only quartz crystals and cables, there's simply nothing to fail, and the miniature size immediately offers advantages in logistics, installation, operation, maintenance, and cost!

Natlogger monitoring
Natlogger monitoring
Tota Multi-Point System and Electric Tota Valve
  • TOTA MULTI-POINT SYSTEM for distributed temperature measurement, by means of strings within a superset of up to 200 sensors. Elegant and economical way to obtain a fiber optic analogue with higher resolution (20 times!) for quantitative flow analysis.
  • TOTA VALVE electrically actuated valves for remote control of oil and gas wells, by controlling flows through gate valves designed to cut off segments with water or gas breakthroughs.

As practice shows, the Natlogger Platform architecture is effectively used not only for traditional monitoring of climate, air, water, soil, noise, vibrations, but also other environmental parameters in a broad sense.

Платформа для мониторинга окружающей среды Natlogger

From the very first weeks on Natlogger, users see a significant optimization of their monetary, time and emotional costs.

It is not just a question of passive optimization, which in itself is worth millions of dollars, but also the active income of system integrators.

Regardless of the amount of money, time and emotions you save in each case of using the Natlogger Platform, you will definitely not have to:

  • use the services of in-house software administrators,
  • depend on monopolistic software and hardware vendors with closed systems that do not allow the use of devices from different manufacturers on the same software,
  • use outdated and disproportionately expensive programs that require periodic paid updates.

And all this at a very affordable subscription software (SaaS) price!

Natlogger has previously integrated different meteorological stations and gas analyzers. Now the system combined with Tota line of products allows to control and monitor wells and atmospheric air as well as weather conditions in oil and gas fields.

Natlogger logo
Tota logo

Representatives of the companies met at one of the events of digital entrepreneurs, organized by High Technology Technopark “IT-park” of Kazan city.

NatLogger Environmental Monitoring Platform

Both groups of companies can hardly be called novice start-ups, because behind each of them there are strong R&D offices, production facilities, their total export geography exceeds 100 countries, and the list of their current customers includes such giants as Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Tatneft and Bashneft.

All this was made possible by the natural intelligence of the really cool developers of Tota Systems и Escort Monitoring Systems Group. However, the teams' next steps in collaboration have focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in the oil and gas industry.

Such research findings and applications have generated explosive interest among investors. The New Industry Investment Fund declared its willingness to invest $2M, a terms of reference was developed, and customers with a lot of relevant historical data were identified.

Stay tuned to Escort Monitoring Systems Group, Tota Systems and
Natlogger Environmental Monitoring Platform.