Escort BLE and GalileoSky 7x Integration

GPS/GLONASS 7x trackers manufactured by GalileoSky are now compatible with wireless Escort TD-BLE sensors as well as other Bluetooth devices of the same line up.

Russian manufacturers of M2M equipment further increase the possibilities available to integrators and users of satellite monitoring solutions. Thanks to the effort by Escort and GalileoSky, fleet monitoring becomes even more efficient and easier.

Terminal tracker Galileosky

GalileoSky 7x trackers combine the best features of the older GalileoSky v 5.0 with some new ones. The products by GalileoSky can offer any customer an exhaustive list of functionalities, support of Easy Logic technology, simple installation, flexible configuration and easy connectivity with many different external devices, including the Bluetooth ones. All this makes them irreplaceable in business processes of many companies that strive to cut their costs and improve performance.

From now on all devices from the new line up (GalileoSky 7x, GalileoSky 7x 3G, GalileoSky 7x Plus, GalileoSky 7x C) can work with both the wired fuel level sensors (TD-100, TD-150, TD-500, TD-600) and wireless one (TD-BLE).

The data on fuel consumption, collected by Escort sensors and transmitted to the GalileoSky trackers, can be processed and stored at Wialon, for example, or any other monitoring platforms that support communications protocols GalileoSky or EGTS.

Escort Group:

"All around the world hundreds of thousands of vehicles are getting fitted with our devices.

Thanks to this integration with GalileoSky we have been able to further expand the possibilities of the companies implementing M2M solutions and their customers in managing fleets of vehicles or machinery units. Our devices can be used in a combo that is applicable in many fields, such as haulage and public transport, construction, agriculture and public services. Almost any business can benefit from this integration.

We also cannot stress enough that GalileoSky 7x trackers and TD-BLE sensors can be connected without any wires. Using equipment such as these two devices provides you with an easy and cost-effective monitoring and spares you of any cabling issues".

If you have any question about how to connect the GalileoSky trackers with Escort sensors, feel free to contact our tech support.

We also would like to remind you that our sensors are compatible with many trackers by such brands as Teltonika, Queclink, Navtelecom, Fort Telecom, Vega-Absolut, GLONASSsoft, MEGA GPS and many other devices popular on the market of satellite monitoring solutions."

Cooperation of Escort Group and Galileosky compatibility of Escort sensors with Galileosky trackers