TD-BLE and DU-BLE wireless sensors received CE certification

Wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE and tilt sensor DU-BLE have been certified for compliance with European Union standards. Since then all of them will have CE marking (Conformité Européenne), confirming this fact and opening new possibilities for the company.

What is the benefit of this certificate?

  • it is possible to sell and use the product in the territory of the European Union;
  • it is an another one proof that the products are safe for users and the environment;
  • it allows the use of sensors in projects where the certificate is mandatory.
Declaration of CE conformity Escort TD-BLE Wireless fuel level sensor
Declaration of CE conformity Escort DU-BLE Wireless tilt angle sensor

Equipment testing was carried out in the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (STSA). Sensors under brand "Escort" have successfully passed all declared tests according to technical standards and legal requirements of EU and received the confirming certificates.

Earlier the company received confirming certificates of the European Union for the line of wired fuel level sensors: TD-150, TD-500 and TD-600, that already gave the advantages to European dealers and integrators. Now the certification of wireless sensors gives them the opportunity to use BLE-technologies and even more advantages:

  • significant time savings for Equipment installation due to the luck of wires;
  • these sensors are also certified for explosion protection;
  • setting with the help of the mobile app Sensor Configurator Escort;
  • high serviceability - 7 years of continuous operation with just one battery.

In our activities we always strive to produce only excellent quality products (in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001) and comply with all leading international standards, requirements and certification systems, both Russian and international.

Download the CE certificate for Escort TD-BLE and DU-BLE sensors as well as many other relevant certificates at the end of the "Products" section of our website. .