Escort TD-BLE sensors are now integrated with Ruptela GPS trackers

If you use or consider using HCV5, LCV5 and Pro5 Ruptela devices, from now on you can also install our TD-BLE sensors alongside them to monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle in your or your customer’s fleet with 99% precision.

The list of GNSS/GPS devices compatible with Escort's TD-BLE fuel level sensors keeps growing. In 2020, such companies as Galileosky, Queclink, Teltonika, "Navtelecom", "GLONASSsoft", Fort Telecom, "Vega-Absolut", MEGA GPS and many others integrated our Escort BLE protocol into their devices. This year Ruptela is the first brand to do the same.

Ruptela is a manufacturer of telematics equipment and various solutions for GPS monitoring fleets made up by cars, trucks, buses or special machinery. The company is based in Lithuania. Nowadays, Ruptela has presence in more than 100 countries around the globe. The devices the company manufactures offer their users such functionalities as:

Ruptela tracker
  • Monitoring the vehicle activities in real time
  • Optimization of routes and setting objectives
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Driving safety monitoring (Eco-Drive)
  • Remote access to tachograph data
  • Vehicle and transported goods safety control
  • Fleet efficiency optimization

One of the flagships launched by Ruptela is the HCV5 model. This GPS tracker helps solve a wide range of tasks any professional fleet manager faces. The device supports any types of connections, such as 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT). It can read the data from the vehicle’s CAN-bus and has various digital and analog interfaces that make it compatible with many telematics solutions. The HCV5 also has Bluetooth and that makes it compatible with the TD-BLE sensor.

Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE

As you probably already know, the Escort TD-BLE is the first wireless fuel level sensor of the capacitive type to have been launched on the market that takes advantage of the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The device has no cables to worry about then mounting it on a tank and it is easy to configure via Escort Configurator mobile app. According to our calculations, the battery lifetime is around 7 years. All this helps you reduce the costs of each installation compared to that of wired sensors. In addition, any risks of the cables wearing out or being sabotaged are no longer there to be your concern. And the margin of error the sensor has is as little as 1% of the total capacity of the tank provided that the sensor were properly installed and calibrated.

Aside from the Ruptela HCV5 model, the wireless TD-BLE sensor is also compatible with two more models Ruptela offers and that have a Bluetooth module:

  • LCV5 - an ideal tracker for monitoring light trucks and vans.
  • Pro5 – perfect for heavy trucks, buses, agricultural and heavy machinery.

The data collected by FLS Escort TD-BLE and Ruptela trackers is easy to access and analyze via such fleet monitoring platforms as Mapon, Navixy, PILOT GPS and Wialon.

If you want to purchase TD-BLE sensors or if you have any questions regarding the configuration of the connection with Ruptela trackers, please, consult our managers and tech support via online chat on our website or contact us via Skype (escort2b), Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp at +7 960 046 46 65.

Ruptela trackers and fuel level sensors Escort TD-BLE - integration and wireless fuel control and transport