"Feria Internacional de seguridad ESS+" – one more country has been added into the company's exhibition asset!

More recently, we have expanded the geography of our company's exhibition activities and Colombia has become a new country visited by our colleagues.

Feria Internacional de seguridad ESS+

The "Feria Internacional de seguridad ESS+" exhibition was held in the largest city, with a population of about 8 million people and the capital of Colombia, a city that is associated with the famous legend of El Dorado – Bogota.

From year to year, the event successfully gathers a huge number of visitors due to its topical issue - security and everything related to it. As for the monitoring of transport, this region is just at the beginning of getting acquainted with fuel control systems and methods of preventing fuel theft, which are quite high here and are easy earnings since the cost for 1 liter of 95 grade gasoline is $ 1.5.

Taking into account the frequent theft of fuel and not knowing how to solve this problem, the products of our company (fuel level sensors = FLS) and the eCargosens axle load monitoring sensor aroused great interest from the visitors of the exhibition. In addition, Russian production has an advantage among local companies, as it has already proven itself in terms of quality from the best side.

At the event we shared the stand together with our partners - the RED GPS monitoring platform. And also with our official distributor in Colombia - ABComercial SAS (GPS Control), which can offer a package solution (FLS + tracker + software) within the country to all companies that want to start their journey in monitoring transport. And due to such a collaboration, we could demonstrate the capabilities of the monitoring platform “here and now” for a more complete picture to the client.

Below we share a short photo report from the scene.