Bitrek and TD-BLE: comprehensive control of transport operation without wires

Disk Systems Research and Production Enterprise (BITREK ® trademark) and the «Escort» Group of Companies have integrated their equipment for satellite monitoring.

BITREK ® is a manufacturer of the most popular GPS equipment in Ukraine. More than 60% of local integrators of satellite transport control systems implement devices of this brand in their customer fleets. Trackers, additional sensors, and M2M peripherals help customers to reduce financial costs, improve staff discipline, ensure transportation safety and increase business efficiency and competitiveness.

Terminal tracker Bitrek

In the BITREK ® telematics equipment line a special place is occupied by the BI 868 TREK BLE tracker, developed in line with current trends in transport telematics. The tracker supports Bluetooth Low Energy data transmission technology, due to this, it can receive information from other BLE sensors that monitor various parameters of objects’ operation over a wireless connection.

For companies that operate transport, one of the most important parameters is fuel consumption. Therefore, the integration of the BI 868 TREK BLE with the TD-BLE wireless level sensor was not long in coming.

From this time on, both devices interact with each other stably. Fuel data recorded by TD-BLE is transmitted to the BI 868 tracker and sent to the monitoring system installed in the customer's fleet. Today, BITREK ® equipment is supported in Wialon, WTM, Navixy, Cropio, Fort Monitor and other platforms for GPS monitoring of transport operations. Along with getting accurate fuel consumption data, integrators and users of the integrated «BI 868 TREK BLE + TD-BLE» solution receive the following benefits:

  • reduce the time and cost of installing the sensor, as there is no need to lay wires;
  • avoid cases of cable wear and vandalism that often occur while using wired devices;
  • long and stable operation of the sensor from a single battery due to low power consumption technology;
  • convenient configuration and diagnostics of the sensor using the mobile application «Escort Configurator».
Integration certificate for Bitrek trackers and Escort TD-BLE wireless fuel level sensors

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Comment of «Escort» group of companies:

«The interaction of the TD-BLE wireless fuel level sensor with the BI 868 TREK BLE tracker opens up new prospects for the business of integrators and customers of telematics solutions in Ukraine. We are confident that this cooperation will help us to convey to the Ukrainian audience all the advantages of using wireless technologies in satellite transport monitoring systems. Our joint solution will certainly be of interest to other European countries, where BITREK ® and «Escort» products are increasingly being promoted».

Among other brands of trackers that the TD-BLE fuel level sensor is compatible with, there are: Fort Telecom, GalileoSky, Queclink, Teltonika, «Vega-Absolut», «Navtelecom», «GLONASSsoft», MEGA GPS. If you are interested in integrating our sensors with other manufacturers’ equipment, we are always ready to discuss new features. You can learn more about TD-BLE on the hardware page.

Bitrek and TD-BLE: comprehensive control of transport operation without wires