CE Certificate for fuel level sensor TD-600

Another product by Escort Group has been certified by the European Union.

FLS TD-600 has been certified as a device with characteristics corresponding to the European Union’s safety and requirements. CE marking (Conformité Européenne), now present on the sensors and in their documentation, confirms that:

  • the sensor meets the requirements established by the Regulation №10 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe that states the Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility
  • the sensor is safe for health and environment
  • it can be purchased and used in the countries of the European Union

TD-600 has been approved and certified by the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, STSA. The experts from the Agency have run thorough tests on the device in accordance with the technical and legal standards of the EU. The sensor has passed the tests and has been granted the E26 10 R 06/00 1333 certificate.

Photo from the laboratory where the tests were conducted

Fuel Level Sensor TD-600 CE Certification Place
Fuel Level Sensor TD-600 CE Certification Place
CE Certificate for fuel level sensor TD-600

TD-600 is the third device in the TD product line up by Escort Group that has been approved for the CE Marking. Before now the same certification was passed by the TD-150 and TD-500 fuel level sensors. TD-600 is as good as the other two certified models are but it also offers more versatility as to its communication interfaces and compatibility with a wider range of devices. The device can be connected via RS-485, RS-232, analogue, frequency and impulse inputs of the GPS trackers.

“The fact that TD-600 has been granted the EC Marking further widens the possibilities for the dealers and integrators of the M2M equipment and satellite monitoring solutions in Europe. The certificate attests the quality of our sensors and the conformity with the characteristics stated in their technical documentation. It also permits the use of our sensors in any vehicle within the European Union.

CE Marking confirms that we constantly monitor the performance of our assembly lines and quality of the final product and that we can meet requirements of any certifying body anytime,” comments Anton Turkin, CEO at Escort Group.

Along with EU certificates, Escort devices also hold various Russian and international certificates that confirm their quality and clear their use in many countries around the world. These certificates and markings make it possible for our partners to be sure of that the equipment they offer their customers is up to the standards. We always strive to make sure that our devices and properly and timely certified for safe use. You can find the list of such documents at the bottom of the “Products” section of our website.