«IT-technologies in transportation»

On March 14 a conference “IT-technologies in transportation” was held in Tyumen in West-Siberian innovative center. The conference was organized by "76 Oil Tyumen" company.

According to the Director of the host company A. Dergousov, the objective of the meeting was to activate the dialogue between the equipment producers, the software developers and the owners of commercial motor transport. Representatives of various companies reported on innovations in the sphere of monitoring and control. The speakers familiarized the businesspeople with the advanced products, techniques of implementation of devices and software to increase the efficiency of transportation business.

The work was organized in the sections “Transport monitoring” and “Tachometers”. The participants were presented with new solutions in these spheres; new functions of tachometers, changes in legislation, as well as means to reveal the overuse of fuel. These topics were also covered in the report “Control is your income” presented by the experts from “Escort” company.

The producers and consumers of IT-products in the sphere of transportation had an opportunity to coordinate their efforts in innovative technologies implementation. Presenting their ideas, the producers received feedback on the demands of the transportation business. As for the businesspeople, they learnt about the actual examples of successful implementation of the developed products.