«Transport under control 2018» - conference on transport telematics in Uzbekistan

CEO of Escort Group companies, Anton Turkin:

«We’ve experienced a lot of fuel level sensor application cases for 15 years. We follow the trends in this market and sometimes we create these trends ourselves»..

General Director of Escort Group Anton Turkin at a conference in Uzbekistan Transport under control of 2018

The Escort management participated in the first transport telematics conference in Uzbekistan - "Transport under control 2018", which took place on March 27, 2018 in Tashkent.

During the conference, leading manufacturers from Russia, Lithuania, the Republic of Belarus, Israel and Uzbekistan presented their advanced developments and solutions for transport monitoring.

CEO of Escort GC Turkin Anton made a presentation "Real applications of Fuel Level Sensors (FLS)". In his speech, Anton Vyacheslavovich was telling about:
— what is the fuel monitoring needed for,
— pros and cons of four ways of fuel measurement,
— benefits of using Escort fuel level sensors,
— project with diesel generators equipped with fuel sensors Escort TD-Online in Cameroon,
— fuel level sensors and I-4 digital indicators installed on small aviation aircrafts.

The Conference hosted 300 participants. There were representatives of ministries, government and largest companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Group of companies Escort at a conference in Uzbekistan Transport under control 2018