Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE is integrated with GLONASSoft equipment

Integration of wireless FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers Glonasssoft UMKa310BR

Earlier this year, TD-BLE wireless fuel level sensors became even more convenient for users of satellite vehicle monitoring systems. Now it is possible to connect up to four TD-BLE sensors to the updated version of the UMKa310 tracker made by the GLONASSoft company.

UMKa310 trackers are one of the most popular GLONASS/GPS devices of Russian origin in the segment of low-cost trackers. For 2019 the GLONASSoft company has sold more than 15 000 pieces of equipment, that now is successfully used by users of popular transport monitoring platforms in their operations. For example, almost 2600 objects equipped with UMKa310 trackers have already been registered in Wialon network.

In order to expand the functionality of its equipment, GLONASSoft Company decided to facilitate the integration of UMKa310 with TD-BLE advanced wireless fuel level sensors. In cooperation with the professionals from Escort Group, work was done to establish integration, including support for original protocols. And from now on all fleet owners, who monitor their units with the help of UMKa310 trackers, can connect from 1 to 4 Escort TD-BLE sensors to them and receive indications about fuel consumption in a single GLONASS/GPS monitoring ecosystem.

"The key advantage of integration of UMKa310 and Escort TD-BLE for clients and partners of our companies is that now installation and adjustment of the equipment can be done much faster and without unwanted wires. Thanks to Bluetooth technology supported in the devices, detecting the right TD-BLE will be easy by signal level using "BLE Scanner" feature in Escort app. There is no need to travel to the site to find out the power supply voltage and signal strength - this information is available online. Simply enter the corresponding commands in the monitoring program or the configurator. Remote diagnostics tools enable you to detect tampering at any time. And the absence of wires significantly reduces the possibility of sabotage and generally contributes to the reliability of the devices, as there is no risk that the cable will overturn, melt and lead to short circuits," - says a representative of GLONASSoft.

Integration of wireless FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers Glonasssoft UMKa310BR
Integration of wireless FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers Glonasssoft UMKa310BR
Integration of wireless FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers Glonasssoft UMKa310BR
Integration of wireless FLS Escort TD-BLE and trackers Glonasssoft UMKa310BR

"Escort TD-BLE" wireless fuel level sensor, as well as other telematic equipment produced by our company, cannot bring full benefit without integration with GLONASS/GPS trackers and monitoring platforms. Therefore, we actively work with the leading manufacturers of trackers and welcome the desire to integrate with us. Cooperation with GLONASSoft allows us to significantly increase the number of TD-BLE users who will rightfully appreciate its advantages", - comments the representative of Escort Group.

Escort TD-BLE is the first wireless capacitive fuel level sensor on the market of telematics that operates on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Thanks to this technology, the sensor can be installed in the shortest possible time, set up with a mobile application without any difficulties and continuously operate up to 7 years from just one battery. At the same time, the sensor combines all the best achievements of previous models of the TD range, including:

  • high measurement accuracy,
  • impact resistance,
  • protection from interference and adverse effects of the environment (dust, moisture, sharp temperature fluctuations).

Also, "Escort TD-BLE" wireless fuel level sensor has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 021/2011 "On the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments" and can be legally used to control vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

For sensor characteristics and other supported tracker models, please visit the equipment page: wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE.