Escort equipment in Space: one more monitoring platform integrated

Customers of one of the leading monitoring platforms in Latin America now can monitor fuel consumption in their vehicles by implementing Russia-manufactured fuel level sensors.

Space is a GPS monitoring platform developed by a Columbian software company WideTech that enables its customers to efficiently manage their vehicles and fleets. As of now, the platform provides its services to more than 2500 companies in 18 Latin-American countries. The total number of cars, trucks, heavy machinery and other types of assets monitored on the platform amounts to 110 000 units.

WideTech Spase Transport Monitoring Platform Integration with Escort Sensors
WideTech Spase Transport Monitoring Platform Integration with Escort Sensors

With Space, fleet managers can track down their vehicles and monitor their activities on-line having access to up-to-date reports and analytics. This helps them manage their assets efficiently, reduce costs and increase overall performance of their business.

Thanks to its numerous functionalities and capacities, Space has become one of the major players on the market. The platform supports a vast range of GPS tracking devices manufactured by local and international companies. However, WideTech remain quite selective about integrations of new devices. Not every brand can expect their products to be integrated right away.

WideTech Spase Transport Monitoring Platform Integration with Escort Sensors
  1. The amount of unloading and refuelling events, the amount of fuel consumed
  2. Fuel level graph
  3. Mileage and vehicle speed over a chosen time period
  4. Time in motion, time in motion with the engine running, idle time with the engine running
  1. Unloading and refuelling events in different locations
  2. Fuel analysis
  3. Data from CAN bus

We are happy to announce that fuel level sensors ‘Escort TD-600’, designed specifically for international markets, as well as ‘Escort TD-150’ sensors, one of the most popular models we manufacture, have passed the tests and got WideTech's approval. As of February 2020, Space supports those two models. Now any WideTech’s customer can use Escort TD-600 and TD-150 sensors to monitor the fuel level in their tanks on the platform or in the Space mobile app.

Coupled with Space, the sensors offered Escort Monitoring Systems provide you with accurate and precise data required to efficiently manage fleets, keep track of fuel consumption and prevent theft attempts.

Escort TD-600 sensor can be easily installed on any type of vehicle or machinery: it is simple to configure and connect with different GPS devices thanks to a huge variety of interfaces it offers. RS-232, RS-485, frequency, analogue (with amplified measurement range) - you name it. On the Space platform, the fuel level can be displayed in both liters and percentage.

Integration of the TD-600 sensor by Space is yet another important step made by Escort Monitoring Systems towards conquering a bigger market share in the international space.

Nowadays, more and more companies around the world enjoy the high quality of telematics equipment manufactured in Russia. As a result, Russian companies export sensors of all types to 70+ countries in Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We at Escort Monitoring Systems strive to provide you with the high quality sensors by implementing modern technologies, using the best hardware available on the market, constantly improving the performance of our assembly lines and making our products compatible with as many GPS devices and monitoring platforms as possible.

WideTech Spase Transport Monitoring Platform Integration with Escort Sensors