Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE - new possibilities for use in explosive environments

The world's first Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless fuel level sensor has been tested for compliance with the requirements of the Regional Customs Union Technical Regulation 021/2011 "On the Safety of Equipment for Work in Explosive Environments".

Escort TD-BLE wireless fuel level sensor - explosion-proof certificate for operation in explosive atmospheres

"Escort TD-BLE" wireless fuel level sensor received ЕАС № RU C-RU.АД07.B.00706/19 certificate based on test report № 895ИЛПМВ. It testifies to the fact that the equipment produced by Escort fully complies with the standards of the Technical Regulations of the Regional Customs Union and can be used absolutely legally on gasoline carriers and other vehicles transporting dangerous goods in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Armenia.

The Technical Regulations of the Regional Customs Union impose very strict safety requirements on electrical and non-electrical equipment used in explosive environments. These include: flameproof enclosure, increased protection of class "E", intrinsic safety, emergency protection, etc. During independent tests it was proved that the design and circuitry of the wireless fuel level sensor "Escort TD-BLE" was made taking into account all relevant Russian and international legislation.

What's the value of a certificate? The availability of documents confirming compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Regional Customs Union 021/2011, allows carriers of dangerous goods to comply with safety requirements and freely engage in their activities in the Eurasian Economic Community, in particular, at the stages of customs clearance. It also increases the competitiveness of companies when participating in tenders. We are talking about additional opportunities for operators of the Customs Union, as well as for integrators of telematics equipment.

Recall that the key feature of the "Escort TD-BLE" wireless fuel level sensor is the availability of wireless data transmission technology Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This allows you to configure the sensor interaction with other telematics devices without any additional wires or cables and to configure it with just a mobile application on your smartphone. At the same time, the sensor retains all the advantages of the Escort equipment for fuel monitoring, including high measurement accuracy, reliability and long service life. And the explosion-proof design, confirmed by an EEC certificate, gives TD-BLE even greater advantages.

The Escort Group of Companies undergoes certification at the regional level to confirm the quality of its products. To guarantee the reliable operation of the produced equipment, officially confirmed by the state authorities and certification bodies.