Sokol-M Weather Station is now integrated with DATOMS IoT Platform

Phoenix Robotix, a company that hails from India and specializes in IoT solutions, has integrated the data exchange protocol implemented in Sokol-M devices by Escort Monitoring Systems. From now on, DATOMS users have access to the meteorological data collected by a Sokol-M station.

Sokol-M Weather Station is now integrated with DATOMS IoT Platform

DATOMS is a tool developed by Phoenix Robotix and designed to be a ‘data hub’ for various telematics devices, protocols and software solutions. It is a centralized platform that helps its customers monitor and manage business processes by providing top-notch analytics service. The platform is used to digitalize various industries and to build “smart cities”. DATOMS developers emphasize the sustainability of IoT and prioritize innovations that contribute to its development.

Sokol-M Weather Station is now integrated with DATOMS IoT Platform

Professional weather station Sokol-M, as well as any other equipment by Escort Monitoring Systems, is designed under influence of the global trends and requirements set by modern IoT platforms. The station is a mix of advanced technologies used to collect precise and accurate meteorological data with a wide range of functionalities applicable in various industries. It is also very friendly when it comes to integrations with different monitoring systems and IoT platforms.

Using the station, DATOMS customers gain access to the data on:

  • air temperature and humidity;
  • wind speed and direction;
  • atmosphere pressure;
  • precipitations size and intensity;
  • UV levels;
  • soil temperature and humidity;
  • humidity of foliage.
Sokol-M Weather Station is now integrated with DATOMS IoT Platform

Analytics reports and graphs are available both on desktop and mobile devices. Aurassure app has been developed by Phoenix Robotix to keep track of weather conditions, to monitor the air pollution levels and assess flood risks.

Phoenix Robotix Review

“Having carefully studied what the Sokol-M station could offer our customers, we have come to the conclusion that the device meets the requirements of DATOMS users in India or any other country and can aid them in their business. Working with our colleagues from Russia on this project, we have achieved stable and reliable compatibility of our products. We are quite confident that the device is a great product for any company interested in meteorological data collection and weather monitoring.”

Escort Monitoring Systems Review

“Integrations with various monitoring platforms and telematics equipment manufacturers is one of the key components of our development and marketing strategy. This helps us explore and conquer new markets and grow our customer base. We are always open to partnerships, integrations and joint projects with any hi-tech companies from around the world. Some of our partners we are already working with are: Gurtam, Galileosky, Teltonika, Queclink Wireless Solutions, Sitronics, CyberMapa, RedGPS, WideTech, Neomatica, GLONASSsoft, Fort Monitor, Navtelecom and others. We are happy that we now can proudly add Phoenix Robotix to the list as well.”