Navtelecom GPS trackers and Escort fuel level sensors: wireless vehicle monitoring

The Russian-based manufacturer of the GPS/GLONASS trackers have integrated the Escort BLE sensors with their equipment. Now the SMART and SIGNAL trackers are fully compatible with the DU-BLE, TL-BLE and TD-BLE sensors.

Navtelecom’s product line includes:

  • SMART S-242X series devices: Smart S-2420, Smart S-2421, Smart S-2422, Smart S-2423, Smart S-2425;
  • SMART S-243Х series device: Smart S-2433 и Smart S-2435;
  • SIGNAL S-265Х series devices: Signal S-2651 and Signal S-2653.
tracker Navtelecom Signal

SIGNAL Terminal

tracker Navtelecom Smart

SMART Terminal

These trackers are in high demand on the telematics market and are used in:

  • vehicle monitoring, dispatch control systems, automated vehicle management systems;
  • vehicle safety and security systems.

All the *S-242Х, S-243Х, S-265Х series devices support the data exchange protocol that enables a direct connection with external Bluetooth Low Energy sensor via the Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, the integration was bound to happen.

*Note that the SMART S-242X series devices have a limited set of functionalities. This means that not all TL-BLE and DU-BLE parameters can be properly processed by these devices.

This is actually the second stage of the integration as the TD-BLE and TL-BLE sensors were made compatible with the SMART and SIGNAL devices earlier. Therefore, the developers only needed to make certain adjustments to integrate the tilt angle DU-BLE sensors as well. Now all Escort BLE sensors can be connected to the Navtelecom’s trackers directly without any adapters.

As a result, the integrators of the monitoring systems can install both companies’ equipment with ease and the customers can benefit from the advantages of such product combos. Specifically:

  • quick installation;
  • no wires;
  • up to 7 years of one battery’s lifetime.

When installed on the vehicles along with Navtelecom´s devices, the sensors help monitor the following parameters:

  • TD-BLE – fuel level (to track the fuel consumption and fuel theft attempts);
  • TL-BLE – temperature and luminosity levels;
  • DU-BLE – current angle at which certain machinery parts tilt or rotate.


Our goal is to create simple and easy-to-use telematics solutions that would help better manage fleets and optimize business processes. We strive to provide our customers and business partners with high quality products and services.

To achieve that we aspire to be innovative, use advanced technologies and quickly enter any market keeping the balance between the price and quality at the same time. The Escort’s equipment fits our criteria perfectly.

The wireless technologies are the future of the telematics and this integration is simply another step towards that future.


The integration with the SMART and SIGNAL trackers opens new doors for the providers of monitoring services and the users of the M2M and IoT-platforms.

The customers now get access to high-precision monitoring tools that help them manage their fleets more efficiently and at lower costs. The data collected by the sensors can be easily transmitted to any monitoring platform – Wialon being one of them - if the connection with the SMART and SIGNAL trackers is stable.

For our business partner and us, this is another milestone in the popularization of advanced technologies among our customers who seek to increase the efficiency of their fleet management and implementation of the telematics solutions.

Cooperation between Navtelecom and Escort Group of Companies compatibility of Navtelecom tracker terminal equipment with Escort sensors