All new Escort BLE sensors are now supported by Teltonika trackers

Teltonika, the leading telematics equipment manufacturer, has made it possible to pair the wireless sensors of Escort Monitoring Systems with its devices. This is confirmed by the tests performed together.

Escort BLE wireless sensors integrated with Teltonika terminals

The joint effort by Teltonika and Escort has given its result – now installing and using monitoring equipment has become even more simple and easy. To achieve this, Teltonika has updated the firmware of their FM series devices fitted with Bluetooth modules. Now, connecting the fuel level sensors Escort TD-BLE, tilt angle sensors DU-BLE and the temperature and luminosity sensors Escort TL-BLE is fast and efficient. The main advantages are:

  • quick installation;
  • elimination of cable breaks;
  • less costly mounting.

In 2019, Teltonika deployed about 2 000 000 trackers in over 150 countries around the world. Vast product portfolio ensures that all clients can find a tracker that meets their needs in the telematics field. Teltonika motto is ‘Easy key to IoT’ – to create products and solutions that are easy to use, install and configure. The integration of FM trackers with the Escort sensors is one more proof of that. For an extra acceleration of the configuration process, Teltonika has created preloaded setups for Escort BLE sensors.

Teltonika trecker
Teltonika trecker
Wireless fuel level sensor Escort TD-BLE

Escort TD-BLE is the first wireless fuel level sensor on the market that makes use of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to turn it into its unique selling point. The device is quick to install, easy to configure via the Escort mobile app and capable of working without any external power supply. Shock-proof and durable, the TD-BLE sensor is well protected against any elements or interferences. The device meets the explosion-proof requirements and measure the fuel level with high precision and accuracy on vehicles or stationary assets.

Escort DU-BLE Wireless Angle Sensor

Escort DU-BLE is a wireless tilt angle sensor designed to measure the angle at which certain parts of the heavy machinery units tilt and thus help you monitor their activity. The sensor is widely implemented in the construction field particularly on a concrete mixer and monitor the direction in which it rotates at any given time. It can be installed on the excavators dipper arm to get reports on the movements of the dipper, their frequency, time spent working or idling, and in many other cases.

Wireless temperature and light sensor Escort TL-BLE

Escort TL-BLE is a wireless sensor designed to measure the ambient temperature and luminosity. The sensor is easy to install and configure as well. Its battery can last several years. The device is sturdy and reliable. The sensor is widely implemented in reefer trucks to control the temperature when hauling produce, pharmaceuticals, flowers, etc.

At the moment, both sensors are compatible with the following Teltonika devices:

  • EASY: FMB920, FMB900, FMB001, FMB002, FMB003, FMB020, FMM001, FMC001, FM3001, MTB100
  • ADVANCED: FMC130, FMM130, FMU130, FMB110, FMB120, FMB130, FMB140
  • SPECIAL: FMC125, FMM125, FMU125, FMB122, FMB125, FMB202, FMB204, FMB208, FMB964, FMT100

    *Functionality requires the following firmware version: 03.25.15. Rev.01

This integration of the TD-BLE, DU-BLE and TL-BLE sensors with the FM trackers further expands the possibilities the telematics world can offer an integrator or their customers interested in the cost-efficient monitoring effort.

Certificate Escort BLE wireless sensors integrated with Teltonika terminals

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